Official Team Profile

Attributions of Work

Idea formation and general organization for this years project was done by Leanne Lupone and Jasmina Prabhakara. We impliented ideas from Leanne's iGEM group last year (Sharon_BasicallyAcid) and used it to formulate the idea for our project this year.

All laboratory experiments were conducted by students with the aid of our advisers, Mr. Snow and Mr. Dixon. Benn Bluestein-Veyra is a key leader in the experiments and also lead the experiment to transform the pH sensor gene and the GFP gene into the cells.

Although the results of the experiment will not be on this wiki until after the jamboree, the competent cells used in transforming the genes for our project were generously provided by the iGEM organization.

Anastasia Alekseyeva did a lot of organization and design of the wikipedia page, but all members of the club contributed to writing the information present therein. Benn designed the DNA logo found at the top of our page.

Additionally, we would like to attribute our ability to compete in iGEM this year to the generosity of a donation from the Sharon School System, specifically from the Superintendent, Mr. Farmer.