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iGEM 2013 High School Jamboree
Welcome to the iGEM 2013 High School Jamboree! The High School Jamboree is being held from
June 28th - 29th in the Stata Center and Walker Memorial buildings in Cambridge, MA, USA.

All information and updates about the High School Jamboree will be posted here!

News Feed
  • 6-14-2013: The practice session schedule is up! Sign up for time slot for your team if you'd like to practice Friday June 28.
  • 6-14-2013: Check out the Transportation page for details on transportation within the city!
  • 5-12-2013: If you need hotel accommodations, the Boston Marriott Cambridge is offering all teams a discounted rate. See the Accommodations page for more details.
  • 5-9-2013: The iGEM 2013 High School Jamboree wiki is up! Registration for the iGEM 2013 High School Jamboree is now open!