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Final Track Selection

Due on May 31

Final Tracks

  1. Food and Energy Project
    • Biotechnology that is used to produce food or energy without causing widespread shortages of either, and without harming the environments that future generations will inherit.
  2. Environment Project
    • Biotechnology that can be used to help clean the air, provide fresh drinking water, restore or enhance soil quality, terraform a near-Earth asteroid, or protect, preserve, or enhance natural biological diversity.
  3. Health or Medicine Project
    • Biotechnology that improves biological technologies related to medicine or health care.
  4. Manufacturing Project
    • Biotechnology that is used to improve, enhance, program, or develop a manufacturing process on the nanoscale to decascale.
  5. New Application Project
    • Use of biotechnology in a new and innovative way.
  6. Foundational Advance
    • Improved tool, technique, or process used in biotechnology. Tools that make biotechnology easier.
  7. Informational Processing Project
    • Biotechnology that is applied in software or hardware.
  8. Other
    • Does your project not fit into any of the above tracks? Let us know! (email: kitwa (at) igem (dot) org)

How to select a track

Note: The track submission method has changed. Please use the online track submission tool to submit your track selections.

  • Log into your official team profile
  • Under the "Track" section, click on "Edit" above the gray box
  • Select the appropriate tracks from the drop-down lists, and click "Save"

You can provide up to three track choices in order of preference, as you are not guaranteed your top choice. It is important that you submit your track selection on time, as the system will be closed on May 31.

Questions can be emailed to hq AT igem DOT org.