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Team Cap

The IGEM 2013 High School division will be limited to the first 50 teams which complete ALL registration requirements and are accepted by iGEM Headquarters. If your team is not able to participate in iGEM 2013, please contact iGEM Headquarters at hq (at) for more information.

Registration Requirements

To register a new team, the team's primary contact must first create a user account here, or by clicking on "Log in" at the top of any page. After setting up a user account, they will be prompted to either join an existing team, or to create a new team account.

A high school team will need to complete the following requirements to complete their application and be accepted by iGEM Headquarters in order to be an official iGEM 2013 HS team. Registration requirements can be completed in any order:

  1. Primary contact must complete the registration application
  2. Complete resource description on the team information page
  3. Complete shipping information on the team information page
  4. Complete and submit consent forms:
  5. Registration fee must be submitted

iGEM Headquarters will then contact the teams regarding their application status.

Primary Contact

The team primary contact must register the team. The primary contact must be a high school teacher or, if the HS students are working at a university, the university faculty member in whose lab the team will work in. Students will not be able to register the team.

Team Name

The team name should be brief and descriptive, and usually include the city or school the team represents (ex: BostonLatinSchool, BC_High). Team names have a 20 character limit, which includes the following:

  • letters A-Z
  • letters a-z
  • numbers 0-9
  • special characters "-" (dash), and "_" (underscore)

Team Roster

All team members must have a user account and be listed on the team roster. Team members include teachers, students, and advisors, and may include faculty members if applicable.

There are two ways to add team members to the roster:

  1. Team members should first create an iGEM account by clicking on "Log in" in the upper right corner of any page. After logging in, team members can add themselves to a high school account by clicking on "My account" in the upper right corner, selecting "Join an iGEM 2013 team", and then choosing the appropriate team from the drop-down list.
  2. Another option is for the team's primary contact to log into the team's information page and manually add team members by clicking on "Add a team member" under "Controlling team membership". Team members will need to create an iGEM user account first before the primary contact can add them to the team roster.

Team members can be added to the roster prior to submitting consent forms. Memberships will be pending until participant consent forms have been received.

Consent Forms

The following forms are required to participate in the iGEM 2013 HS Competition:

  • Participant consent forms for every team member (includes students, teachers, advisors, and if applicable, faculty members)
  • Principal consent form
  • Department Head consent form (if team is working at a university laboratory)

Download the consent forms here. Completed consent forms should be sent to iGEM HQ.

Until all necessary consent forms are received by iGEM Headquarters, the team is not considered an official iGEM 2013 HS team.

Team Registration Fee

Payment of the team registration fee is required before your team is considered an official iGEM 2013 HS team.
What's Included: The team registration fee is for team participation in the iGEM 2013 High School Division, support from iGEM Headquarters, and <a href="">associated materials</a>.
For more information on paying the team registration fee, see the Team Registration Fee page.

Team approval

Once all the above requirements have been fulfilled, teams will be approved as official iGEM 2013 HS teams. The cap of 50 teams applies to the first 50 teams which complete the requirements and are accepted by iGEM Headquarters.

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