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Below are some resources that may come in handy as you're working on your projects for iGEM 2013 HS!

Wiki editing
Purchasing laboratory reagents and materials
  • Fisher Scientific offers a wide array of common laboratory materials and reagents
  • Sigma Aldrich offers many chemical compounds, including antibiotics

Databases and websites to explain concepts:
  • Parts Registry Help page is where you can find information about BioBrick Parts and how to use them
  • OpenWetWare is a great source for protocols and other lab-related information
  • CompuBioTicDB is a database of biological components for synthetic biology

Software tools:
  • FAQ section on answers questions about wiki-editing
  • TinkerCell is a free "Computer-Aided Design software tool for Synthetic Biology"
  • GENtle is free software that allows users to edit DNA sequences, generate plasmid maps, and more