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Team Profiles

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Huizhi Yu:

As a grade 11 student in shenzhen middle school. I attended the Biology Club immediately after I got into high school. The Biology club teaches me a lot. We had classes every Tuesday afternoon. The first week we observed green vegetables' leave cells and onion epidermal cells with a microscope. The second week we learned about the classification and structure of leaf. Then in the next year I became the president of the Biology Club. We built a ecology tank which the ecological system in the tank provides nutrient for creatures living inside and we do not need to feed them. Also we revised a book on names index of the plants in campus called the Shenzhong Botanic Record and distributed leaf bookmarks made by ourselves in the campus.I appreciate the world's beauty and it acts as my source of passion. I love splendid things from which I can perceive the throb. I pursue knowledge and beauty in ambitious.

Liang Xu:

As a student in Shenzhen Middle School,I attend the biology club and the IGEM project.For me,it’s my first time partaking in research,and i have learned volume knowledge about the synthetic biology,gene,engineering and more.I am responsible for the wiki with my partner.In my spare time,i devote myself to music and sports as well as reading.During the time we do the project,i benefit a lot.Not only the lore of biology but also the experience.I believe this will encourage me to get higher aim in my future.

Zinan Long:

ZINAN LONG, a 17-years-old student from Shenzhen Middle School,is a member of this team.this is my first year involved with iGEM. I'm responsible for of the team wiki . I really enjoy mostly three things. Basketball, Music, and Computer.I'm excited to be a part of such diverse group of students and can't wait to see what we can come up with!

Pengxuan Chen :

Personal introduction Chen Peng Xuan Leo I am a member in the team from Shenzhen Middle school who mainly is responsible for the work in laboratory. As a student in the international curriculum of Shenzhen middle school, I learnt a lot from the project of this biological competition. Initially, the biology subject gives me a lot enthusiasm which is one of the most important reasons of why I choose to study abroad. Once I started learning the experiment of molecular biology, the academic atmosphere inside the laboratory did attract me. I really found myself interested in these work, thus I will never be regretful with my choice forever.

Tianlin Gao:

Tianlin Gao, a 17-years-old student from Shenzhen Middle School, Guang Dong Province, China, is a member of this item. In reality, compared with America and Europe, the biology education in China is a little out of date, which cannot arouse students’ interest and passion for biology. However, Gao has been crazy about biology since his junior high school. The mystery of the rule our body obeys, the attractive gene, the magic environment all amazed him. Then, he made a decision that he will devote himself to biology in his rest of life. The iGEM item is his first step on his way to the mystery of biology.

Fei Yang:

YangFei,was born on 3rd April,1998.I’m fifteen years old now.I like biology very much.And that’s the reason I join this team.I’m in Senior one now but most of my teammates are in Senior two.They know more about this technology.So my responsibility is to learn more about this contest and try my best to help my teammates.I discussed the project with teammates and try to give some useful ideas.After I went to BGI for a week,I learned from the protocol of experiment.So I try to design some process of the experiment and the plan of human practice.I hope to major in biology in university and in work.I believe the 21th century is the century of biology so I expect to learn from the cutting-edge technology in now day.And this is the start.

Qinwen Sun:

Hi I’m Sun Qinwen and I’m studying in the Shenzhen Middle School. Synthetic biology is a totally new subject for me! I have been learning it for only half a year, but I am quite interested in it! I feel excited to be part of our team, we went to the lab together and studying, discussing. I am a comparatively young IGEMer in our team, and I learn a lot during this half year.Also, I do the Human Practice in our school, I hope more students would know about IGEM and participate in it. I think the most wonderful thing about IGEM is that it allows us to get closer to science, and even take part in it. And we could create new things! In my free time, I always do physical exercise such as running to keep healthy. Also, I loving eating so I’m learning cooking recently.

Shengnan Hong :

I am one of the members in the team of Shenzhen middle school who is working mostly in laboratory. As a student in the honor curriculum in Shenzhen middle school, I really appreciate the things I received in there. The school has provided us splendid kinds of chances to find our unique career by our own. I finally select to learn about biology because of my advantage and the original interest in this certain subject. The competition inspired me a lot, and the experiment, despite that it is harder than the normal subject, would eventually be engraved into my mind.

Yuanyuan Chi:

Name: Chi Yuanyuan (Winnie) Class: Class 20 Grade 11 from Shenzhen Middle School Personal Habit: I often prefer to read books as activity after school, my favorite is fictions and scientific magazines on biology or zoology. Also, drawing some pictures on rough note book and singing a song when walking both bring me a lot of fun. Responsibilities in the Team: My main responsibility in teams is doing the experiments and accomplishing our program, and I also help settling the data collected during the experiments such as summarizing a complete process of experiment operating. The Reason of Attending: My main reason of taking part in iGEM is my personal interests in biology---it was my favorite subject since I was in primary school. And I also hope to increase my knowledge on this subject and the experience of activities and competitions in order to prepare better for my future studies. Future Plan and Hope: I really hope to take part in the jobs related to biology in the future of my life. My greatest hope is becoming a vet in order to tend and heal the animals which were always regarded as close friend to me, and I will also feel pleased and honored to be a researcher on biology and take part in exploring programs on the lives on Earth or become a professor in universities and deliver the knowledge I got.

Yue Zhang:

It's really my honor to introduce myself here. In the 16 years since I have been born, I find that how important and interesting that biology is so that I attend the IGEM team of Shenzhen Middle School although I am the student of the Yaohua Experimental School. I really enjoy the time I spend into study biology it also means that the IGEM brings me more time which can make me feel enjoy myself to study in biology. I also like read some books and watch some movies because two things can help me to get some knowledge while I am relaxing myself so that I will think these two things are my hobbits. Biology brings me so many interest that I think there is no subject is as interesting and important as biology. The things we do in these months are not only for the IGEM but also for ourselves to have a really good time to let ourselves totally addict into biology in a more professional way without any disturb. Because of these reasons, I think it is a right decision for me to decide to attend the IGEM and it makes me feel I know more about biology and myself.

Mu Li:

Turor Li Mu is our main guider on arranging our route and working progress, he meets and discusses with us every week on the team meeting, and gives us advices on our working direction and time based on the data we provided. On the other hand, he also help us solve the fundamental working problem such as contacting the travel agency and asking for leaving the school when we should be in laboratory. Lu Mu is an enlightened tutor who usually respects our own choice and tells us to decide our rode by ourselves.

Yue Liu:

Tutor Liu Yue is mainly responsible for the biology club in Shenzhen Middle School, many activities held by biology club such as vivarium manufacture, the “plant journal” of Shenzhen Middle School compiling and biological theme blackboard newspaper were pushed forward by her. Also, she pays great attention on us which used to be the central unions of biology club, she often asks us about our progress and gives us many opportunities to advertise our works, who is a tutor with great interest and enthusiasm on biology.

Kang Xiao:

Tutor Xiao Kang is our experiment guider, he is a doctoral student of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with great experience and professional skills in biological experiments. He was often being with us during our days in laboratory, watched and guided us on the concrete steps and attentions when doing the experiments. Xiao Kang is a young talent with friendly, easy-going personality and great patience, he will always explain every details and problems to us without any impatience or annoy.

Kang Kang:

Tutor Kang Kang is the main theory guider of our team; he gave us the lectures of synthetic biology which was the fundamental knowledge for us to begin our progress, and also, he discussed our idea with us and finally helped us decide the idea we used in attending the competition and provided us the place we can complete our experiment---the BGI graduate school. Kang Kang is a wise tutor with outright personality who often directly criticized our ideas on its defects so we can improve them in time and accurately.

Dr. Lisa Gieg

I have been doing research in the field of environmental microbiology for about 20 years. I hold a Ph.D. from the University of Alberta, and worked for a dozen years as a PDF and Senior Researcher at the University of Oklahoma before coming to the University of Calgary as an Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences. My research focuses on petroleum metabolism by microbes in the context of oil spill clean-up, microbial enhanced energy recovery, and in oil sands tailings ponds remediation. This is my second year being involved with iGEM. It is a pleasure to work with dynamic, smart, and talented students and colleagues who are exploring the use of synthetic biology to solve real world problems.

Dr. Mayi Arcellana-Panlilio

I am an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. I have been involved with teaching/mentoring in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program since 2003, primarily to develop and deliver the Honours Cell & Molecular Biology course, a core requirement in the curriculum. I have taught every offering of that course and received numerous accolades from the Faculty and the students, most recently winning the Teaching Excellence Award for 2010-2011 from the University of Calgary Students Union. This is my second year as an iGEM Instructor and my interest in the program springs from my belief in the value of inquiry as a means to getting students engaged in the pursuit of knowledge and developing habits of becoming lifelong learners.