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Human Practices for Shenzhen_SFLS
Synthetic Biology is new to most of high school students. It seems that not only our teenagers, but also a great many of adults are unfamiliar with this new kind of technology. So it is quite reasonable for us to spread this new subject to a lot of people.By doing this, we, Shenzhen_SFLS, start a series of publicity for our team and Synthetic Biology.

The first method is that we made a video that introduce our team and iGEM. We made that video together with our school's TV&Broadcasting center.iGEM is quite a new competition in China’s high-school and only a few people have ever heard about it. So in our video, we first demonstrate some basic facts about iGEM and introduce a few famous universities around the world which join the game. So they can have a better perception on this. Next we will tell them what is Synthetic biology and try to explain it in plain words that make sure they can fully understand. The final step will be our team introduction. We introduce our members and our project. Then we explain its significance and future. The video can be watched on Youku.

Next, the most importantly, we wrote a Chinese Guidebook which explains Synthetic Biology and iGEM. As we can see, The 3A Assembly instructing book, but it is written in English and contains too many academic vocabularies that obstruct our reading. This year we are suffering from this and we absolutely know the importance of this Chinese instructing protocol. Since our Chinese students' English is a little bit weak, we strongly believe that this Chinese Guidebook can make a lot of difference for future China’s high-school teams and students. As far as we are concerned, providing a Chinese book for the rookies to familiarize this competition is much more useful than a hard English version. Therefore, this Guidebook can influence more people participating in this competition and spread Synthetic biology Further.

We just want to try our best spreading this subject to more and more people. Spreading this subject is quite a big challenge but we are glad to see that we have made some contributions.