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School Introduction---Shenzhen Middle School:
 Shenzhen Middle School was founded in 1947, and was affirmed as the only provincial key middle school in June 1983, the fast improving and well effective school in 1986, the sample school of the national new curriculum standard in 2004 and one of the first group of schools which pass Cantonese national exemplary high school junior assess in June 2006. Shenzhen Middle School passed the assess of national exemplary school, and precisely raised the mission of “building the technicality high school and fostering innovation-type talents” and the working definition of “building the outstanding academic Chinese high school during the international period”.
 The high school club of Shenzhen Middle School was consisted of the two campuses of East and West, it covers the area of 9.8 square kilometers with a collection of 1150 thousand books, and preliminary structures the cyber fundamental facilities and essential service supporting platform with the goal of achieving the digitization, webified and informatization of environment, resource and activity.
 At the moment, the high school club has 60 academic classes with students reaching the number of 2872. And those students of Shenzhen Middle School all gets brilliant academic achievement the grade of college entrance examination has the advanced advantage among the whole city and even whole province, the percent of undergraduate course and emphasis school are always keeping still above 90% and 60% since middle of the nineties, and over 200 students successfully entered Beijing and Qinghua Universities which are the best universities in China in the average number of 30 annually.
Shenzhen Middle School also has abundant fruit on international field: it has won nine gold metals of international Olympic competition and over 200 students of it entered the universities in the top 50 of USA.
Furtherly, in order to promote the comprehensive development, foster the wholesome personality and cultivate the aesthetic sentiment of students, besides providing superior studying conditions, Shenzhen Middle School also offers its students affluent after-class life platforms. In Shenzhen Middle School, we can find student organization such as school Youth League Committee, student union, committee of student congress and the senior group; the activities such as soccer games, basketball match, sports festival, culture and art festival, cultural lecture, Shenzhong Forum, subject week and expert lecture; more than fifty student clubs such as chorus, wind band, dance troupe, volunteer team, drama club, astronomy club, parkour club, simulative U.N. and National Middle School Student Panda Protecting Organization. All of these activities and organizations are the important platform for students to attend social practice and develop personalities freely.
Shenzhen Middle School was named as National Artistic Advanced School, National Aesthetic Curriculum Reform Experimental School and Cantonese Artistic Education Exemplary School in 2010 by Ministry of Education. The famous clubs of chorus, wind band and dance troupe has repeatedly won golden awards in international aesthetic competitions and won fourteen national first awards and one second award in only three periods of national artistic exhibition. And noticeably, the chorus of Shenzhen Middle School has won the gold award of Olympic Chorusing Competition for continuously three years.