Virtual Jamboree


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Virtual Jamboree
Date: June 28-29, 2013
Location: Cambridge, MA

Teams that want to participate in the Jamboree but aren't able to attend are encouraged to participate virtually! Teams will still be able to give a presentation and present a poster at the poster reception! Teams will also be able to participate in the awards ceremony.

In order to participate virtually, teams will need to prepare the following:

  • video presentation
  • poster (hard copy and PDF copy)
  • team Skype account

Presentation information
Teams participating virtually should pre-record a 20-minute presentation, and upload it to the iGEM Dropbox account (for account information, please send an email to: kitwa (at) igem (dot) org). Movie files should be in MOV or MP4 format. During your scheduled presentation timeslot, we will play the pre-recorded presentation for the audience! Pre-recorded presentations are due June 26.

In addition, we ask that you prepare your presentation slides in PDF format and upload that to the iGEM Dropbox account as well.

Poster information
Teams will need to prepare a poster and send a hard copy of the poster to iGEM Headquarters by June 24. Note that this deadline is when iGEM should receive the poster, so please plan accordingly! Use the following address for mailing:

Meagan Lizarazo
iGEM Foundation
1 Kendall Square - Suite B6104
Cambridge, MA 02139

The poster size limit is 4 feet by 4 feet. If you would like your poster returned to you after the Jamboree, please let us know. Please also upload a PDF copy of your poster to the iGEM Dropbox account.

Skype information
Skype is a free program that allows for video conferencing. Teams that participate virtually will be using Skype for the 10-minute question & answer session after their presentation, the poster reception, and the awards ceremony. We may ask the team to participate in a brief practice session Friday June 28. Teams will need to email their Skype account name to: kitwa (at) igem (dot) org by June 26.

Skype can be downloaded from their website,, and works on both PC and Mac computers.

Note: Teams should use a wired ethernet connection for their Skype sessions. Wireless internet connections are not as effective, and result in audio and video distortion.