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Team AnatoliaGreece

Official Team Profile



Anatolia College's igem team is consisted of 12 students.

        Foteini Kalampalika		
       Giorgos Foundos		
       Athina Prinou		
       Eliani Ecoqnomou Petrovits		
       Galateia Stefanidou		
       Ioanna Deni		
       Ppachristos Christos		
       Dimitris Gkontoras		
       Kyriakos Zagoumidis
       Sotiris Karagounis
       Dimitris Granouzis 
       Lysimachos Papoutsis

advisor : Danai Kyriaki

team leader: Elias Kalampokis


Our aim this semester was to construct a product that would recognize UV radiation and emmit RFP in response, hence show red colouration 

We used parts BBa-Jo4450 and BBa-I765001


Show us how you spent your days.

We made seven meetings before Christmas;

•One introductory meeting for all students

•Three about theory and the background information

•One lab, just to learn how to work in a laboratory

•Two meetings, where students were given a new topic to research and collect information.

Those meetings were used for students to get a first idea about synthetic biology and for the supervisor to select the team roster, from all students interested.

After Christmas:

•We started the registration in January, and we made

•Two meetings to choose the topic. In these meetings;

A) °We did brainstorming for choosing some favorite topics

B) °We made research about the favorite topics for ten days

C) °We chose our topic from 4 of the favorites

  • We also planned to perform the 3A Assembly Kit protocol, but the kit did not arrive in time as some of the students did not send their consent forms

There was a about two-week period that the team could not start the lab, as the advisor for the team was absent due to serious family problems

  • The students were shown YouTube clips to better understand the theory behind the experiments.

⇒ - © and were told to watch the

⇒ - © from the 2008 Imperial team to see how a team functions.

  • The Kit arrived in mid-April and all the team members were familiarised ith all contents of the kit in the lab (24/4)
  • Between the 24th April and the 3rd May, the team met everyday and performed the "competent cell production protocol"

→While this protocol orked as far as we can tell, due to Easter being ont the 5th May and school exams starting the 13th May and finishing on 14th June, the team could not find time to perform th rest of the experiment

  • We also have to mention that most of the team roster leaving for an educational trip to Freidburg on the 6th till the 11th May

→After exams on the 11th till the 22nd June, the team and advisor deaded that it would be best to focous on finishing the wiki and writing the poster and presentation, and learing the skills involved in writing those, than try to finish the lab in the little tim we had.

⇒Team is meeting every day to finalize the wiki, rite the presentation and make the poster⇐


What did you achieve over the course of your semester?


What safety precautions did your team take? Did you take a safety training course? Were you supervised at all times in the lab?

In terms of researcher safety, there were not any major issues. Basic laboratory safety requirements were kepy i.e.

  • Researcher were always wearing lab coats, goggler and safety gloves.
  • Moreover students were never lest alone.
  • They were always supervised by the team advsior in all procedures.
  • All wastes were properly discourded

All materials used and our intended product were not harmful to the enviromental, nor for public safety, or the human use. However though we cannot be absolutely certain for the safety of the final product, since there was no final, no enviromental or public issues were raised

⇒Part risk level......

There is no biosafety review board on our school, but all ideas were verifed with advisor and team leader. All national biosafety measures trequirements were applied.

→In general, though we are upset that we did not have time to finish our experiments, this does mean taht there were basically no safety issues raised at any point in the procedure←


Who worked on what?

Human Practices

What impact does/will your project have on the public?


What was your favorite team snack?? Have a picture of your team mascot?

Team working on the presentation Work.jpg Workk.jpg

the most of the boys in our team Photo 10.jpg

our advisor enjoys herself with us Photo 19.jpg <forum_subtle />