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    Academic and Corporate Supporters:

  • Integrated DNA Technologies – making primers
  • Qiagen – plasmid extraction kit
  • New England Biolab – competent cells, restriction enzymes, Gibson Assembly kit
  • Microyza – facilitated community donations, crowdfunding of $2355 from 28 backers
  • Past teams:

  • University of Hawai’i, Manoa 2008 – plasmid backbone/shuttling vector
  • University of California, Davis 2012 – wiki format
  • Mentors:

  • Dr. Aron Fenton, KUMC – provided laboratory space, materials, equipment, and experience
  • Qingling Tang, KUMC – laboratory technician, helped make the primers for site-directed mutagenesis
  • Teachers:

  • Eric Kessler – images, team coordinator, twitter
  • Joseph Whalen – solicitor, guru of laboratory protocols and equipment
  • Kelley Tuel – advisor, extremophile expert, presentation coach
  • Team:

    For the most part, we worked on everything together. Each member was "in charge" of a certain aspect. They oversaw the completion of their section by soliciting the help of others or doing it themselves.

  • Alec – presentation, safety, fun
  • Amy – notebook, achievements, social media, wiki assistant
  • Austin – wiki (website)
  • Corinne – materials/methods, safety, laboratory design of primers for site-directed mutagenesis, middle school camp councilor
  • Dylan – poster, outreach, middle school camp councilor
  • Mason – problems/solutions, future, computer modeling (Tinkercell, jmol)
  • Muriel – general editing, references, middle school camp councilor

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