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If you're already familiar with biotechnology, genetic engineering, and the IGEM organization and competition, feel free to check out our Team and our Project, or learn the purpose of the homepage. Otherwise, whether you're an incoming student at Bioscience High School or an intrigued supporter of science, read on.

What is IGEM?

The most commonly asked question that we get is "What is IGEM?" Read on for an introduction to biotechnology, the IGEM competition, and for insight as to what we do in the lab.

IGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine competition), consisting of collegiate, high school, and entrepreneurial divisions, is an annual event that encourages students to effectively utilize biotechnology to aid a broad community and address an existing real-world problem. For a more detailed description, we must understand a few things first.

What is Biotechnology?

Many people perk up upon hearing such terms as "biotechnology" and "genetic engineering", most likely because the field is so captivating and unexplored.

Biotechnology is the field of manipulating living systems to produce a product or serve a purpose to address a specific, real-world problem.

Bioscience High School

Bioscience High School offers a full, integrated curriculum with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students participate in innovative learning environments that include team-teaching, use of technology, and student-centered learning. Instructors design lessons with collaborative efforts, and integration across multiple disciplines is a common theme found in every course offered. Bioscience High School develops specific upperclassmen pathway courses that are tailored to student interests, some of which include, anatomy and physiology, epidemiology, biotechnology, engineering, and forensics. In addition, strong humanities, arts, and fitness curricula are offered to promote well-rounded learning experiences for students.

Bioscience Mision Statement: BHS provides a rigorous, collaborative, and relevant academic program emphasizing an innovative, problem-based curriculum that develops literacy in the sciences, mathematics, and the arts, thus cultivating critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and compassionate citizens, who are able to thrive in our increasingly complex and technological communities.

  • Mision = mission + vision