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iGEM 2013 High School Calendar of Events

This is a list of dates that are important to the competition. These dates can be subject to change. You will be notified if for some reason there is a change.

January Registration opens for 2013 iGEM High School
February 8 2013 iGEM HS regular registration closes
February 28 2013 iGEM HS late registration closes, registration fee due
February 3A Assembly kit sent to teams (rolling basis; as team is approved)
February Transformation efficiency kits sent to teams (rolling basis; as team is approved)
March 25 DNA distribution kits sent to teams
April 1 Team project descriptions due
May 9 Registration for High School Jamboree opens
May 31 Track selection due
Project abstracts due
Team rosters due
June 6 Regular registration for High School Jamboree closes, Jamboree attendance fees due
June 21 Wiki Freeze at 11:59PM Boston time (see: wiki requirements and safety questions)
June 24 Project poster due at iGEM HQ (virtually participating teams only)
June 26 Pre-recorded presentation due (virtually participating teams only)
Skype account name due (virtually participating teams only)
June 29 Part submissions due at iGEM Headquarters
June 28 - June 29 iGEM High School Jamboree!