Team:Lethbridge Canada/presentations


As an extension of our Human Practices and Outreach component of this year's project, we contacted our local school boards to inform them of what we are doing. We gave a short presentation to the members of the Holy Spirit Catholic School Division No. 4 board about synthetic biology and the High School iGEM Program, as well as more providing a surface level of understanding specific to our project. We presented on the 22nd of May for approximately ten minutes during their monthly meeting with the hope of facilitating a better understanding of synthetic biology and the students participation in iGEM. Following the presentation, the members of the board showed an interest in what we are doing and gave us some positive feedback. Additionally, they brought up some questions that we should look into, such as "What are the side effect of administered Oxytocin?" As a whole, the board was supportive of our research and wishes us all of the best in our future with synthetic biology.

Furthermore, we expanded upon our focus of community education by presenting to students at a Junior High School / Middle School. The aim of our presentation was to increase knowledge and awareness of synthetic biology, as well as generate interest in the program for next year. Our presentation covered the basics of genetic engineering, such as DNA, gene assembly, and touched upon the future and current uses of genetic engineering. Included in the presentation was a short crossword to maintain their interest and determine how much of the content had been absorbed by the students. In short, the scientifically minded youth in the classroom were generally receptive and excited to learn about synthetic biology, with motivated individuals asking how they could become a part of an iGEM in the future.

The story of our Human Practices and Outreach component is not open and shut. We plan to continue our involvement in the community well after this season is over. In September, we plan to incorporate our experience from the Jamboree into another presentation delivered to Lethbridge School District No. 51 members. We hope that our persistent involvement with students and the community at large will lead to greater understanding and support of the program.

Presentation at G.S. Lakie Middle School Presentation to Holy Spirit Catholic School Division No. 4