Team:Lethbridge Canada/sponsors


We'd like to thank all of the sponsors for their tremendous and continued support. Their contributions have made our project possible. Alberta Innovates Technology Futures has been one of our most consistent and enthusiastic sponsors. Because of their support, our team has had the opportunity to attend four fully-funded workshops, including an introductory synthetic biology workshop, a workshop focused on presentation skills and public speaking, as well as a preparatory workshop featuring actual iGEM judges and specialists in the field. AITF has also provided the funding behind this program. Furthermore, we'd like to extend our thanks to the University of Lethbridge for graciously providing laboratory space and equipment with which to conduct our experiments. Thank you to New England BioLabs for providing us with enzymes. Additional thanks to Alberta RNA Research and Training Institute for providing the team with wet lab equipment and general lab supplies.

You are the foundations to our project and we would like to extend our overwhelming gratitude for all of the help you've provided us!